Hospitality Suite:
Artie and Bill in a Serious
Planning Session
(Probably involves food)
Serious Lecture by Bennie,
Bill Looking On
Ace Photographer
Artie at Work
(He is also an Air Drop Specialist)
Artie's at It again!
He's explaining Huey aerodynamics.
(I never did understand that stuff).
That's former SSG (now LTC) Tom Campbell in the
background.  (I don't think Tom is listening to Artie's lecture
Mutual respect and admiration.
Must have been a serious topic between
John and me.
Bennie, where did you hear that?
It couldn't have been ME!
Walt was stationed here to intercept all the BS,
and toss it into the trash.  He gave up, since the
volume of BS was overwhelming.
I didn't recognize Bill's granddaughter at first.
Last time I saw her, she was about
Artie and Cathy ...
What a delightful couple!
They say Bennie is in this picture,
but for the life of me, I can't see him!
Walt and I met this pretty lady
in the hotel lobby.
(Betcha Joe Galloway knows who she is).
Panoramic shot of our table at the big banquet.
LRRP Luncheon, etc:
LRRP Luncheon, etc:
Association Banquet:
The whole thang!
Joe Galloway,
a great American!
After all these years, I finally got
to shake his hand.
LRRP Breakfast:
Cathy and Me
He caught me!
Bill and John, Plotting
He sure is an attentive listener!
One last pic of Artie and me,
before we said farewell.
Walt and I were thrilled to be among these old soldiers,
and we are grateful that they welcomed us to their part
of the 1st Cav Div Association reunion.
A Reunion Within  a Reunion