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Cavalry Stetson
HHT 7/1 Guidon
HHT 7/1 Guidon
HHT 7/1 Guidon
Squadron Crest
These OH-6  or "Loach" photos were borrowed from the Internet.  I would gladly give
credit to the photographer, if I knew who he was.  The OH-6 was my primary aircraft in
the 7/1.  I really enjoyed flying the little Loach, and was very disappointed when it was
replaced by the OH-58.  I was rated in both, and I honestly believe the OH-6 was the
superior aircraft.
Erickson, Freddie Blaylock,
SSG Haley
Gary Morgan, Larry Erickson, Joe
Gregory - downtown Vinh Long
Advisory Team 68
Above Ground Swimming Pool  near Vinh
Long Airfield.  Gary thinks it took a
direct mortar hit around Easter 1970.
Club in Squadron Area
Approaching Main Gate
to Vinh Long Airfield
Mike snapped this sequence of photos during my Change of Command  ceremony in Nov '70. I
had never  seen pictures of the event before he mailed these slides to me.  I had mixed
emotions about  leaving the unit ... I was glad to get rid of the responsibility, but I worried
about how my troopers would fare without me  (mother hen?).  'Bout the only folks we can
identify are Lt Col (later Lt Gen) John W. Woodmansee, Squadron Commander;  1SG Curtis
Patton; CPT Julian T. Marsh (Incoming HHT Commander); J.P. Hicks (Guidon Bearer,
extraordinaire); and CPT James P. Bracewell (my own self!) (Outgoing HHT Commander).
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