Jim's Memorabilia
An Khe and LZ Hammond
Late 66, Early 67
Photos of early An Khe
A sticker we sometimes attached to
supplies we hauled to the troops.
Outdoor male latrine facility ....
a.k.a.  P-tube.
French cemetery at
Mang Yang Pass
Maj Balint and "Pancho" Flores-Reyes
Gary Patterson cutting
George Meade's hair
Hal Carruthers,
clowning in background
Combat Assault on a rainy day
Harold Kelly
Jerry Drennen on
the road to Qui Nhon
Joe Mirabella
Jim Snyder and Bob Adams
Lt Sager, Cpt Jones, Maj Bryan
Snyder ...
What! Me worry?
Bob Adams sprucing up
Not Joe's aircraft!
Lt Alligood
Cpt Jones
Aerial Rocket Artillery (Hog)
Air Force Service:
Army Service
First Vietnam Tour:
Second Vietnam Tour:
This is LZ Hammond ... my new home in the
field.  No buildings here ... just tents!