Air Force Service
This is a shot of John Kemp, and me taken in 1960.  
The photo is not in the best of condition, but what do
you expect ... it was in John's wallet for 45 years!
A young airman and his fiance' (Sonja
Nelson), in Havre, Montana, 1963.  Little
sister, Karen, is peeking from the door.
A "skyline" shot of the radar site more than 30 miles north of
Havre.  It was supposed to be a 12-month tour for single guys.  I
was there for 37 months!  Photo:  Jim Muse
This is an aerial view of the radar site I
called home for so long. Photo:  Jim Muse
This is our unit patch, worn on our uniform pocket.  
Can't believe I still have one!
Photo:  Jim Muse
Snowy shot outside the mess hall
What looks better ...  
the old guys or the old cars?  Photo:  Jim Muse
Part of the new motor pool.  Note the  L-20 (Beaver)
Airplane in the Distant Right.  Photo:  Jim Muse
Scenes in Downtown Havre, Montana
circa:  1960
This is a post card depicting Havre's main drag (1st Street) as it was in the 60's.  The Havre Hotel was the
drop-off and collection point for us poor airmen who didn't have cars.  The base Commander provided
"liberty run" on weekends ... a military vehicle would fill up with airmen, drop them off at the hotel in the
evening, and pick them up at 11 pm.  The Havre Hotel and the Orpheum theater burned down years ago,
drastically changing the appearance of First Street.  In a visit to Havre a few years ago, I saw First
Street from this angle for the first time since the fire.  I was surprised that I missed the old places.  
Photo of postcard:  Jim Muse
We left Havre in late '63, and transferred to Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana, where son, Walter
was born.  I don't think we even owned a camera in those days.  We have no pictures of us, our rented home,
or the base.
The Dutch Shop Cafe
Photo:  Jim Muse
This is one of the main hang-outs for Havre
kids and airmen alike.  It, like other landmarks
in town, is gone.   Photo:  Bob Messer
A View of Beautiful Downtown Havre
Photo:  Jim Muse
The Early Years
Google Earth view of the radar site
as it is today.
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