LZ English & More,
Pg 1
Surf's Up at Qui Nhon
Troop Insertion
175mm Self-Propelled Howitzer at LZ Pony
Blindfolded VC Prisoner
in center of photo.
8-Inch Self-Propelled Howitzer at LZ Pony
Obviously, it wasn't all work and no play!
Thanx to Dale Fillmore for these pix.
A rather dusty shot of LZ English, just
after we moved there from LZ Hammond.
WO Terry Jost
WO John  Pierce and friend.
"Tony's" Barber Shop, LZ English
The TARMAC at LZ English
WO Ed Kralich
WO Charles (Charlie Chin) Foster
Outhouse caught on fire at An Khe.  This
could have been a dis-ass-ter!
CPT Ken Hamburger
"Hard Core"
Not a pleasant memory.  This is where I
encountered my first  US KIA's.
Montagnard Village north of Bong Son
Laundry Time in a Mountain Stream
Lt Joe Mirabella and
his personal chariot.
OOPS!  No, this is not Joe Mirabella.  Joe
managed to keep his rotor up and his skids down.
Friendly (?) Sampan
Laundry Girls at LZ English.  The enitire
family participated.
Combat Assault near LZ Bird
WO Dan Green ... Multi-talented guy!
(Musician, artist, and a helluva pilot!)
Silent Preacher
Larry Branaugh ...
A Good Man Lost
Sand Bag Machine. Operated by:
Larry Branaugh, Bill Luther, and Dave Nessett
Roger DeWitt, Charlie Eaton,
Rod Kilduff
Tom Harnisher,
Charlie Eaton,
Bob Braa
"Hard Core"
Bob Archer (F)
Larry Branaugh (R)
Killer Spade in Action
Kermit the Frog Got it Right:
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Army Service
First Vietnam Tour:
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