LZ Hammond
Oddly, the thought of going to war didn't bother me much.  I just didn't like the idea of leaving my family
for so long.  We learned three weeks before I left for Vietnam that Sonja was pregnant.  She remained in
Valdosta while I was gone, so my folks and my sister, Mary Jo, were with her during her pregnancy and
delivery of our daughter, Theresa.

My first tour in Vietnam was with the First Cavalry Division (Airmobile) in the Central Highlands from Dec
'66 to Dec '67.  I was assigned to Company B, 229th Aviation Battalion.  I had a camera that year, and
accumulated nearly 1,000 slides.  I have managed to convert some of them, and placed them on these pages.  
If any of my old RVN buddies happen to see this collection, and can remember the folks depictetd without
names, I would appreciate some help.  As you will see, I need a lot of help with names from my second tour.
Just after I arrived in Vietnam ... LZ
Hammond, 1966 ... uniform isn't even faded!
Another shot of my living area.  Note the
"Early Ammo Box" furniture and the
"chicken plate" in the center of the photo
LTC John Blair was the Battalion Commander
when I reported for duty with the 229th.
WO Chick Chandler
WO Dennis Pfaltzgraph
S-4, Maj Rocky Lane at the controls of his
H-13.  He later became Commander of

B Company.
Snyder asks if anyone
knows where we are.
Preparing for an
"Ash & Trash" mission
Air Force Service:
Army Service
First Vietnam Tour:
Second Vietnam Tour:
New guy!  Didn't even have jungle fatigues