For a number of years, some folks from my second RVN tour have been getting together at York, PA and
Stone Harbor, NJ.  The guys from my old orderly room staff, plus a few others from Hq Troop, 7/1 Air
Cav in 1969/1970, have had an annual gathering each fall.   The event is hosted by Mike and Leslie Bowman
at their place in Stone Harbor.   It has been christened "The J.P. Hicks Memorial Weekend" in memory of
our Chief Clerk, SP5 James P. Hicks.  We lost J.P. to cancer in March 2007.  J.P. was laid to rest in the
uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel ... I was very proud of him.
The J.P. Hicks Memorial Weekend
"Morney, Sir!"
James P. Hicks
Jim's 2008 Trip to Stone Harbor, NJ
and Beyond
(The trip to Stone Harbor is an annual reunion event with folks from my 2nd RVN tour.  
In 2008, I ventured farther north to see some other very special folks from my 1st tour.)
A selection of photos taken at the earliest thru the latest reunions:
Here are three taken in York, PA, before I was found on the internet and started attending the reunions:
Standing L-R:
Gary Morgan, Jack Bloom, Mike
Bowman, J.P. Hicks, and Joe Gregory.
Kneeling before their men, L-R:
Diane, Leslie, Bonita, and Izetta.
Gary, Mike, Joe, J.P. and Jack,
relaxing on the porch.
J.P., Me, and Mike in York
Leslie and Georgie in York
On the way north, Sonja
and I stopped over at Joe &
Izetta's place in Fairfax, VA
Brothers at the Vietnam Memorial
The whole group at
Stone Harbor
Just the VIPs
They allowed us to pose
with them for this photo.
Posing  in the parlor
Mike checking the market ...
He ain't smilin' !
Most of our activities
center around FOOD!
More food!
Jack & Diane at an
outdoor restaurant
Christi & Adrian Cuff.  Adrian
is sporting his Utah cowboy hat.
Adrian sitting with
all of his friends
A fisherman took
this picture for us.
Three old guys and me.
When the 2008 Stone Harbor weekend came to a close, I continued driving north on one of my most memorable
trips.  Next stop was Cape Cod, where I was reunited with Geoff Koper, a former LRRP medic, also known as
"Doc."  Geoff was badly wounded in April 1967.  My crew and I gave him and his team a ride that night.
The Koper's historic home.
My wonderful hosts
Geoff and me
After my visit with the Kopers, I went even farther north to Maine, and a couple of days with Jim and Linda
James.  Jim was the 1st Cav's original LRRP Company commander, and we worked closely together for a while.
A nice welcome sign, posted in the
kitchen ... (one of my favorite rooms).
A shot of the James home from
across the river,  What a setting!
Jim and one of his two Springers
This picture is on the wall in my
"I Love Me" room.
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